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Arts & Entertainment

High Class Art and Entertainment events are collaborative multi-disciplinary pop-up galleries that showcase creative talents from around the globe. Each High Class event are specially designed to feature a collaboration of artists in an exclusive location. The events will exhibit art from vastly differing genres- from film to dance, portraiture to installations.

High Class Event brings together the arts and entertainment community to enhance the culture of our beautiful city.

  • Exclusive events
  • Pop-up locations
  • Multi-disciplinary art showcases
  • Global collaboration of artists
  • Enhancing the local culture and community
Are you interested in hosting your own private event?

High Class Social Club offers private parties, corporate events and themed parties which can be customized with culinary arts, musical entertainment and local art.



– To come together to form a single unit
– To put or bring together so as to form a new larger whole
– To think of (something) in combination



– A group or system of interconnected people or things

– Connect in a way that allows information to be shared
– To talk to people with similar interests for joint opportunities



– Something that sets off a sudden force
– A latent particle capable of growth or development