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Seed Series

High Class Seed Series are exclusive themed events each held at a new secret location. Every Seed Series provides education and foundation for genuine and mutually opportunistic networking connections with craft food and beverages, entertainment and legal cannabis bar.

Social Highlights
  • Themed event- decor, entertainment, food, beverages, cannabis bar
  • Private location
  • Limited hand selected invitation
  • Cell phone and social media free to insure privacy and promote connection
  • Access to members only app including High Class Network Directory of all attendees professional contact information *Coming Soon*
  • Photo booth
  • Social sponsor giveaways



– To come together to form a single unit
– To put or bring together so as to form a new larger whole
– To think of (something) in combination



– A group or system of interconnected people or things

– Connect in a way that allows information to be shared
– To talk to people with similar interests for joint opportunities



– Something that sets off a sudden force
– A latent particle capable of growth or development